RITICS Showcase 2018 proves a hit with industry

The first Showcase of the second phase of RITICS took place at the National Cyber Security Centre,  London on 18th October 2018.

We had a record turnout for the event, with around 130 people coming along. As well as academics and government figures, there was a very strong showing from industry, including companies such as AWE, National Grid, EDF and Virgin Trains. This demonstrated the strong interest that industry, especially transport, infrastructure and energy companies have, in cyber-security.

The event was chaired by Professor Chris Hankin from Imperial College, and included talks from Robert Orr of Context Information Systems, as well as researchers funded through the first two calls of the second phase of RITICS. There was also a panel discussion on security vs usability, a series of 5 minute talks from doctoral students, and a testbed demo run by Dr Barney Craggs and Joe Gardiner of the University of Bristol.

Much of the discussion during the event focussed on standardisation and regulation of cyber security, the emerging use of the cloud, and artificial intelligence.

Presentations from the day:

  • Findings from Decisions & Disruptions game, Dr Ben Shreeve, University of Bristol – Download presentation
  • Effective Solutions for the NIS Directive – Supply Chain Requirements for Third Party Devices, Dr Tom Chothia, University of Birmingham
  • How many shades of NIS? Understanding Organizational Cybersecurity Cultures and Sectoral Differences, Dr Dirk van der Linden, University of Bristol – Download presentation
  • Network Discovery in Industrial Control Systems, Charles Rutherford, University of Glasgow – Download presentation
  • Investigating Current PLC Security Issues, Henry Hui, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Optimisation of Cyber Forensics for ICS, Marco Cook, University of Glasgow – Download presentation
  • Security in Adversarial Machine Learning, Giulio Zizzo, Imperial College – Download presentation
  • AIR4ICS: Agile Incident Response For Industrial Control Systems, Prof Helge Janicke, De Montfort University – Download presentation
  • Developing Pedagogy to Optimise Forensic Training in Safety-Related Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Rob Harkness, University of Glasgow – Download presentation
  • Cloud-enabled Operation, Security Monitoring, and Forensics (COSMIC), Prof Sakir Sezer, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Security and safety: tempo and trade-offs, Prof Robin Bloomfield, City University – Download presentation
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