Conference about cyber security in industry takes place in Leicester

The Cybersecurity in Industry conference took place at De Montfort University in Leicester on 28th February 2019. It was run as part of De Montfort’s CyberWeek, and was an event organised jointly by RITICS and De Montfort. There were keynote talks by Tony B of the National Cybersecurity Centre on ‘How to prevent a Category 1 National Cyber Incident’, and by Chris Mobley of BlueSkyTec on ‘IoT in Space – the final frontier’. There were also talks from the RITICS Programme by Professor Chris Johnson of the University of Glasgow, and Dr Ben Shreeve of the University of Bristol.

There was a fascinating and detailed panel discussion on how we can best make use of the Cloud in cybersecurity, and also a series of talks from De Montfort academics Dr Leandros Maglaras, Professor Helge Janicke, and Dr Ying He.

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