Establishing a Scientific Baseline for Measuring the Impact of the NIS Directive on Supply Chain Resilience2019-05-10T14:58:45+00:00

Establishing a Scientific Baseline for Measuring the Impact of the NIS Directive on Supply Chain Resilience


This proposal blends an appropriate scientific focus with applied research intended to achieve significant impact for all stakeholders in the UK implementation of the NISD.
1. At a scientific level, we will deliver a framework to structure the comparison of existing and future metrics with a particular focus on supply chain resilience and cross-replication between both the aviation and energy networks across two putative metrics. We can also provide temporal replication and reduced levels of investigator bias by comparing the results of the survey techniques used by Shreeve in the earlier DfT work with those funded by this research and conducted by the proposer with the same suppliers and operators.

Project members

The main focus for Chris’ research is at the interface between safety and security – for example, developing techniques so that we can continue to ensure safety while gathering forensic evidence in the aftermath of a cyber-attack:

Civil Nuclear: he has worked with the United Nations (UNICRI) on improving the cyber-security of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear facilities, including facilities in Africa and Asia, with the US Pacific Northwestern Labs and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory. He helps to lead a forensic and cyber security lab on behalf of the UK Civil Nuclear License holders; focussing on SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

Aviation: Chris is the software specialist on the SESAR scientific board advising the European Commission on the future of Air Traffic Management, comparable to the US NextGen programme. He also works on the cyber security of airport operations with the UK Department for Transport, EUROCONTROL, AdP and Helios.

Space: His research improves the resilience of space missions with NASA, the European Space Agency and the US Air Force.

He has advised a wide range of companies including EDF (UK), DFS (Germany), Frequentis (Austria), LVNL (Netherlands), Skyguide (Switzerland) and Thales (UK).