WIHST Technical Workshop highlights the opportunities in healthcare cyber-security

Hundreds of millions of pounds are spent on healthcare technology in the UK every year. Digital health is becoming increasingly important, with the imminent launch of the NHS App, and the advent of Bring Your Own Device in healthcare. To add to this, we have a huge variety of technology in use in the NHS, from MRI scanners, to blood glucose monitors and computerised defibrillators. Often these devices are interconnected. Yet there has been little work done in the field of healthcare cyber security.

The WIHST Technical Workshop was held on 26th November 2018 at Woburn House, London. It brought together technical experts, doctors, and representatives from UK Government and industry. It analysed topics ranging from personalised medicine to integrated health records, assisted living, robotics and virtual GP systems. And it highlighted the cyber risks of all this technology in healthcare, and the opportunities for research into healthcare cyber security. A report summarising the discussions that took place in WIHST will be published shortly on this website.

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